Don’t let your emotions screw up your life

Don’t let your emotions screw up your life

Meditation has never really been my ‘thing’. The self improvement kick I’ve been recently on has changed that. I read something by Tim Ferriss about setting your intention for the day and journalling it. Meditation fits into this practice perfectly. Imporoving your mindfulness during the day brings you back to your intention.

I’ve tried meditating before with no success, I wasn’t able to sustain it. The recordings became too repetitive and I got bored. That is, until I discovered the Smiling Mind app. It has different levels to build up your time, with differnt types of meditation and records your mood and progress. I’ve now kept up the habit for 12 months. Tara Brach provides incredible guided meditations and talks for calming and opening to presence, allowing you to discover yourself.

The benefits have been amazing. From being more calm, increasing mindfulness throughout the day which leads to emotional stability and not reacting. It’s given me back control over emotions and creates a headspace that I manage, not one that manages me.

Do you meditate? What’s your favourite method? Let me know in the comments below or on twitter


Smiling mind // Tara Brach