One small step can lead to great things

One small step can lead to great things

Acknowledging your desire to change something about your life can be a big deal. When you’ve carefully crafted a life for security, little things can become big things.  Losing yourself to self hate can cripple your dreams and dash your hopes. Silently mushing your passion into the ground.

Until one day you wake up and wonder why you’re always miserable and unable to find joy in anything. 

It takes one small step to give you the courage to dig up your passion. To dust it off and work out what wonderful creative things bring you joy.

For me, it was having my daughter that got me moving. That’s how it starts, by just getting moving. Realising that I had to become what I hoped she’d become. I wanted her to be courageous, to be open to new experiences and people, to feel able to follow her dreams. So I would have to become that first.

My first step was a hair cut. This might be a tiny step to some but for me it was huge. I went from long un-dyed hair. To something pretty out there, that I absolutely loved.

I felt self conscious for a month or so, and then I got used to it. I stopped looking at people to see if they were looking at me. Who cares if they are?

Take a step. Start moving. It doesn’t matter what, just start moving. It’s easier to change direction from moving than it is to start from stopped.

Love Ky x