Be kind to yourself

Some days you just feel crap. On these days you need to be kind to yourself. The world won’t stop turning, shit won’t fall apart, you know that you’ll be productive the next day. It just means you’re rested and relaxed and ready to get back into it tomorrow and you’re not dragging you’re feelings between days. Make it your intention for the day.

Your affirmation for today, “I am kind to myself”. Use it to frame your thoughts all day.

When the voice starts to make noise … “You should be doing this or that”, “you must keep busy”, “there is all that house work to do”, don’t listen to it. Remind yourself of your affirmation.

This is what I need so I am kind to myself.

What’s on my photography business start up list?

It’s a daunting task setting up a new business. I’ve got an accounting and business background so I’m particularly meticulous about the planning stages. Dotting my t’s and crossing me i’s and the like. I have a manila folder that all my scribbled notes go in, a google drive folder that all my brainstorming and planning documents go in and a Trello board of all the things I need to do.

Here’s my to do list – it doesn’t include any photographic practice, this is just the business side of things.

Is relaxed the natural state?

I’ve been wondering if this relaxed state is what a person is meant to be feeling all the time. Is it the tense state that I’ve constantly felt ever since I can remember that is the unnatural state? Are people meant to be in a relaxed state all the time? There has not been a time in my life where I’ve felt relaxed for extended periods of time, until now. I wonder and marvel at how my body has kept going in such a state for so long.

Procrastination … or not?

I was saying to a friend yesterday that I always thought procrastination was a part of my personality, that I’d never be able to overcome it. But the way I’m working now tells me otherwise. When you create a focus for your weeks and your days, it’s easy to block out the negative self talk that stops you from getting things done. Blocking out distractions and interruptions becomes a much easier process. 

Reigniting the passion for photography

The reinvigoration of my photographic journey started with this podcast that I accidentally started listening to.

By accidentally, I mean I was exclusively listening to podcasts about writing and being an entrepreneur at the time. I was determined that my calling was to be a writer … or entrepreneur, and was gathering as much information and inspiration as I could to get myself there. One of the episodes I’d been listening to ended and the first episode of this photography podcast started.

One small step can lead to great things

Acknowledging your desire to change something about your life can be a big deal. When you’ve carefully crafted a life for security, little things can become big things.  Losing yourself to self hate can cripple your dreams and dash your hopes. Silently mushing your passion into the ground.

Until one day you wake up and wonder why you’re always miserable and unable to find joy in anything. 

Taking stock 013 – March 2016

Not much photography has been happening lately. My day job and family are taking priority so I’ve been working on learning and the business side of things which I can do at night time and in spurts through the day. I’ve also been working on some things for LUPO mag as well. Pop over there and have a look.

I’ve hit a point where life just seems to be too full of ‘busy’. It’s time to reflect on what I can do smarter. So I’m reading some books that might just be able to help that, at the very least they’ll inspire me a little.

My favourite podcasts

I love podcasts. My phone hooks into my car when I get in and podcasts start up automatically. The wonders of technology!

Some of my favourites that have inspired and informed me …

I have so many more on my list that I want to listen to, but going through back catalogues for all the great information takes a lot of time