Why stay in one place when you can travel where the wind takes you?

Why stay in one place when you can travel where the wind takes you?

Recently I’ve re read the four hour work week by Tim ferriss. He talks a lot about mini retirements. Mini retirements are about taking extended breaks now instead of deferring them until you’re older and retired. The first time I read the book this concept didn’t resonate with me, but this second time, we’re more settled emotionally, it seems like a feasible idea.
Our headspace is moving towards decluttering and we’re toying with the idea of minimalism The objective for us is to live a more simple life, free of the distractions of consumerism. It’s about making purchasing more deliberate. And about creating the life we want to live, instead of a reaction to our emotional states and unconscious needs.

It’s just a little twinkly idea right now, getting a caravan and travelling for a month or two at a time. We have a knowledge business that doesn’t require a large amount of client face to face contact, so we think we might just be able to work and travel.

The idea of going north in the winter, parking by a beach and spending our time exploring and meeting new people seems so appealing right now, especially now that the cold weather has set in.

It might take a couple of years before we’re set up enough to do this, but having the goal floating out there in the back of our minds is the direction we’re going to start heading in. It may happen or we may be sidetracked by another idea in future. But this is a great idea that we both love for now.

What’s your dream lifestyle? Are you living it now, or working towards it?