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Taking Stock 008 – May 2015

It’s May. Time for me to say “where has the year gone?”. I feel like I’m finally moving forward in doing the things I want. First step, know what you want. I’ve spent much of my life not knowing what I want, and too scared to make a decision. But no more, it’s time to do things my way, unapologetically.

Well, I’m learning to. “Dare greatly” is my new motto. (Read the book if you haven’t already – it might just change your life).

Taking Stock 006 February 2015

So much busy around here at the moment. As a mama of an 18 month working in our home web design business, I’m finding that I’m stretched pretty thin. Scheduling and planning everything has become my new best friend. From a mind of organised chaos it’s not always easy. Trello, notepads and my calendar are my BFF’s.

Making: Time for all the things
Cooking: From my prepared meal list in trello. I have a big list of all the meals that I arrange each week for our dinners. Saves so much thinking

Taking stock 005 January 2015

So January is just about done, I can hardly believe it. This month I’ve realised that I need to be reading to maintain my sanity. I’ve read 4 books since Christmas – more than I read all last year. I’m making a conscious effort to read books instead of junk posts online that I find neither satisfying or pleasurable yet they hold some indescribable power over me.

Making: beautiful messes
Cooking: making yummy food from Pete Evans book
Drinking: my usual fizzy water
Reading: daring greatly by Brene Brown
Wanting: more books!
Looking: for stories
Playing: nba2k14

Taking stock 002 September 2014

It’s been an unwell couple of weeks around our place. We’ve all had the flu. With copious amounts of medication, bed rest, warm tea and trashy tv we’re now on the mend. It’s so much harder to have the flu when you have a little one who doesn’t sleep through the night, it’s been quite a shock really. When normally I’d be curled up in a nice warm bed, sniffling and coughing, I’ve been up trying to settle a teething little one.

To all the mamas out there, you deserve a medal for all you do for your little ones.

I’m not going to dwell too much on flu, instead I’ll do a taking stock! I love doing these, it gives me a chance to be mindful about what I’m doing at the moment. Join in, you can find the template here on pips blog.