Portrait of the Aussie bush

Portrait of the Aussie bush

I’ve just been on a little trip to Melbourne to pick up a wide angle zoom. Previously, the widest lens I had was the 28mm on a 28-75 zoom. And as I’m sure as a photographer yourself, you can relate – after hours spent researching and debating the options, I decided on the Canon 16-35 f4.0 IS. It reviewed well for sharpness and the IS is a great feature when you shoot video as well as stills.

The other options I considered were 17-40 f4.0 and16-35 f2.8 II. While the f2.8 would be incredibly handy, the need (desire? 😉 ) for IS won out.

It’s a long trip with a 3 year old, so on the way home we needed to stretch our legs from the long drive, and I wanted to get in a few sneaky test shots, so we stopped at a beautiful mountain reserve.

I haven’t used this lens much yet, but I’ve got 60 or so wineries I need to shoot, so it going to get a good workout over the coming weeks.

This gallery is of the Aussie bush. At this time of year it has a faded vintage feel to it with the browning grasses and brush. Edited with Alien Skin Exposure X2 “Colour Films – Vintage | Kodachrome 35mm – Faded (cyan)”.