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What’s on my reading list

It’s funny how it takes me a little time to get into the swing of writing. To write creatively I need to purge my head of all the thoughts floating around in it with a little journal entry. This is a little part of what I’m thinking about today…

I’ve been reading a lot lately. I’m not quite sure how I’ve fit it in where I couldn’t before. It’s because we’re watching a lot less television than previously and that’s a great thing for us.

What’s on my reading list right now?

Getting started with ancestral (paleo) eating

Ancestral or paleo eating has become a big part of my life over the last (almost) two years. I’ve benefited in many ways with the most obvious being weight loss. I’ve had some people ask how I’ve achieved it, so here’s a getting started guide. Click through to find some of my favourite websites that explain the ins and outs of the paleo lifestyle.

My getting started with paleo eating guide

Stay tuned to find out why I do eat this way, and what my ancestral eating template looks like.

Ky xo