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A reflection of 2019 and what’s ahead for 2020

I’ve been thinking about a lot of different things lately that impact my life. The type of work we do, and how we feel stuck and the lack of boundaries and planning that are keeping us in that stuck place. I’ve been thinking about the work we need to do, and the systems and processes we need to incorporate to get us unstuck. Running the numbers, we should be able to make a lot more money than we are, doing a lot less work than we are. Because I’m so tired. So we need to work smarter,  plan and systemise as much as we can. 

Just get started …

So I’ve got a couple of projects that I’m working on at the moment. Both writing. One of the two features that I’m working on has me a little stumped. I’m blocked, but not creatively. I’m blocked by fear. Fear that what I write will be total rubbish. Fear that I wont do this lovely lady justice when writing her story. If you’ve ever tried to write, well write anything, I’m sure you can sympathise. The little bastard devil on my shoulder is telling me I’m not good enough, you can’t do it. You should go clean the kitchen, do some washing, pick up some toys … insert procrastination of your choice here.

I know I can do stuff when I can quieten the voice long enough to keep moving, or get started. Time to fight back. As Nike says, just do it and I do like to follow sports brands advice.

So here goes, I’ll just nick off, get out my trusty notepad and 4 pen for a bit and ‘just do it’.

… But for now the baby’s awake. I’ll get to it later …