Get your arse off the couch and put your phone down

Get your arse off the couch and put your phone down

Standing in the one spot, doing the same things you’ve always done, will continue the sameness of your life. One thing we’re not taught as kids, or even adults, is that we need to keep learning and improving, and working towards you thing (goal, dream or achievement).

I’m not sure whether it’s the influence of our society, the media, our friends or something else, but collectively we have a view that someone will come and save us. That they will bring us the things we desire whether that’s wealth, fame or happiness. Somehow we’ve forgotten that we need to define what it is that we want or where it is we want to go; and, then that we need to work our butts off to get there.

We’re too busy being the offended victim, filling our brain with mindless trash entertainment or naval gazing to see that it’s all just a big arse waste of time. Those three things absorb our time and give us a feeling of self righteous busyness, but they don’t get us anywhere or achieve anything for anyone.  They allow us to indulge in the fantasy that we’re being active and doing something. When, in fact, we’re doing nothing and congratulating ourselves for it.

So start moving. Even if you don’t know where you want to go. Just start. Turn off the TV, put your phone down, close Facebook. Just start. There are a million things you can do. Do something that feeds your soul, or helps someone else or brings something new into this world.

If you start doing, instead of consuming then the world will change for you. Your view becomes different. You change from being passive to being engaged. Your enthusiasm increases and you become more interested and interesting.

If you know what you love, then start doing it. If you don’t, then start with something that interests you and go from there. Follow your curiosity and inquisitiveness down the proverbial rabbit hole. See where it takes you and keep your mind open for the little sparks along the way that pique your interest. Follow them down their holes. It’s a practice to start seeing the little interesting things that are presenting themselves to you.

Stop being the victim, playing the waiting game. It has no happy ending.

Start doing. Start documenting. Start creating an interesting life that you love.

Are you interested in reading a beautiful book about this topic? Get on to Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. I listened to the author narrated audio book and it was magical and inspiring. Start looking for the beautiful and magic in life and you’ll find it. Guaranteed.