Starting a writing habit

Starting a writing habit

Ooooh is this a hard habit to start or what? I enjoy writing once I get going and I have a million different things I can write about. But I’m finding that with everything going on in my life (read: working full time, full time care of an almost toddler, cooking, cleaning yada yada) that I’m not making writing a priority.

There are a couple of reasons why I really should change this. Numero uno is that I’m starting an online magazine and until we are established my magazine partner and I will be creating most of the content. Number two, I’m sure there is a number two but my poor sleep addled brain can’t think of it right now – the wee one was up 5 times last night.

Oh right, I remember now. I’d like to be better at writing so that I can organise the beautiful chaos that is my mind. I’m a total introvert with shyness. I find that my mind is running off in a million different directions all at once and the older I get the more chaotic it gets. Here in my bloggy space, it’s just me, I can organise my thoughts, assemble them into something intelligible (perhaps? my husband may debate me on this), and get out the things that all too often don’t see the light of day. Is this a good thing? Maybe, it’s really up to you to decide friends.

Now back to the writing habit. Getting started is my problem and so is finishing. I have so many one third done articles for our business (I work in my website design/development business by day and I’m a ninja blogger by night – ok not yet, but I will be). What is the solution to this problem? I’m sure it’s just sitting my butt down in this chair, and tap tap tapping on these lovely little keys. I’ll start with 5 minutes a day and work up to more from there. Surely 5 minutes is achievable? What do you think? Maybe I’ll do a post about the best tips and tricks I find for getting the writing done.

What techniques and tips can you share for sitting and writing?