Taking stock 002 September 2014

Taking stock 002 September 2014

It’s been an unwell couple of weeks around our place. We’ve all had the flu. With copious amounts of medication, bed rest, warm tea and trashy tv we’re now on the mend. It’s so much harder to have the flu when you have a little one who doesn’t sleep through the night, it’s been quite a shock really. When normally I’d be curled up in a nice warm bed, sniffling and coughing, I’ve been up trying to settle a teething little one.

To all the mamas out there, you deserve a medal for all you do for your little ones.

I’m not going to dwell too much on flu, instead I’ll do a taking stock! I love doing these, it gives me a chance to be mindful about what I’m doing at the moment. Join in, you can find the template here on pips blog.

Making: messes. With being sick, a little one and needing to eat, we have a messy house … But it can wait until we’re better, it only needs to be tidy enough to cook the next meal right?
Cooking: soups, roasts, paleo tacos, coconut custard … Easy and healthy food to help us get better.
Drinking: decaf black tea with honey
Reading: The Silkworm by Robert Galbraith aka JK Rowling
Wanting: my little one to sleep right through the night *yawn*
Looking: to see what the tiny lady is in to! always looking
Playing: round and round the garden …
Deciding: to get up and be responsible or stay in bed and get the 4 more hours sleep that I so desperately need
Wishing: to catch up my lovely friends, being sick and busy it seems like it’s been ages
Enjoying: the guilt free time watching tv and generally being a little lazy
Waiting: we’ve ordered a new car and now we’re waiting for it to arrive
Liking: the beautiful warm sunny spring days
Wondering: what the next twelve months will hold
Loving: reading again, I haven’t read much since the wee lady was born
Pondering: how to fit in to each day everything I’d like to get done
Considering: finishing this blog, or having a nap
Watching: sons of anarchy
Hoping: improving health and an easy week ahead at work and with bubby
Marvelling: at the small plants that have come up on our paths between veggie gardens
Needing: a few more hours sleep
Smelling: nothing in a week with this blocked nose
Wearing: warm things
Following: Jo, pip and fatmumslim
Noticing: the beauty in the days
Knowing: less and less every day
Thinking: about long drives in our new car
Admiring: the blogs of the lovely ladies I follow
Sorting: work projects
Buying: birthday presents
Getting: ready to launch an exciting new project
Bookmarking: recipes, how tos, future project ideas
Disliking: flu, colds and infectious bugs
Opening: the door to head outside
Giggling: at the interpretations made by flu deafened ears
Feeling: sleepy
Snacking: not eating much at all really
Coveting: crafty, talented people who can create beautiful things
Wishing: for more time (and energy) to indulge side projects
Helping: myself to recover
Hearing: a really odd movie in Italian, I’m half way through to Rome with love by woody Allen … I don’t get it

Some of the wonderous things that have sprouted in the paths between veggie gardens. Happy Saturday

Self seeded flowers have come up in the path around our veggie patch
I love sage – this is a bud about to flower
I love the Japanese Maple at the start of spring, the colours are gorgeous as the leaves are budding

Ky xox