On allowing yourself rest

Sleep has been something I’ve been writing about a lot lately. It’s so necessary, but so overlooked. Today though, is about rest. 

I know it it can be hard to let go of the busyness and guilt enough to honour your body by letting it rest when it needs it. 

I had another terrible sleep last night and then woke to emails that annoyed me, throw in some stomach cramps and weakness in arms and legs. So I rested for a short while, even though I’d not been up long.

I pushed through the rest of the day, trying to ignore the brain-fog and distractions. I made the decision not to push on through the evening like I quite often do. I rested for a while and made a simple dinner for the three of us. Then I rested again. 

I’m skipping the yoga challenge for tonight and that’s ok. My body needs rest, so rest it shall have.

My mind needs a rest, so rest it shall have.

And because rest is so hard to accept – an affirmation to finish the entry – I’m tired, and I still love, honour and accept myself.

And you should too – it’s very calming.