Taking Stock 14 – September 2020

Taking Stock 14 – September 2020

I used to love doing the taking stocks. It was so much fun looking back to see where you’ve come from, and what you loved at that moment in time. The last one I did was in March 2016.

Life has kind of gotten the better of me over the past few years. Being a mum and fitting in all the things that come with that have left me with little time or energy for the things I’d loved doing before that.

And 2020 has just body slammed so many of us. I think it might be nice to come back here later on and see what I spent my time doing. During lockdown, and during the turbulent times that ensue in a global pandemic.

Making: Pictures – painting and drawing (badly)
Cooking: Lots of veggies, trying to meet Terry Wahls Protocol
Drinking: Hot water, apple cider vinegar and honey
Reading: Firecrackers Female Photographers Now & Outlander by Diana Gabaldon
Wanting: To be able to see my family and friends
Looking: Out of the loft window at the trees
Playing: Banagrams
Deciding: Whether to have a shower or sit her and write
Wishing: For no bushfires this season
Enjoying: Homeschooling and long bush walks
Waiting: For lockdown to end
Liking: Alan Schallers photography work
Wondering: Whether the life we lived before Covid 19 will return in any form
Loving: How resilient my daughter has been with this year
Pondering: What the world will look like for her
Considering: What to make for dinner
Buying: Food is about it right now
Watching: Supernatural from the beginning. YouTube about gut biofilm. Miles Beckler on how to build an online business
Hoping: For kindness and humanity to prevail
Marvelling: How the down time has made me realise that I was overfunctioning and showing me that I need more downtime to recover
Cringing: At most of the art I make
Needing: Lots of down time to recover
Questioning: What the media tells us
Smelling: The flowers that a beautiful friend delivered a couple of days ago as a thank you
Wearing: Stretchy pants – exclusively
Following: Artists on instagram
Noticing: I like the slower pace
Knowing: My intuition needs to be listened to
Thinking: There are many things to be grateful for, but it can still be hard
Admiring: Those that can bust through their own stories, and build the life they want
Sorting: Nothing much really. I hate sorting anything. Ok, the clothes, each week before I put them away.
Getting: Restless
Bookmarking: Many things on Medium
Coveting: A life where money isn’t a worry
Disliking: The rampant lying coming from everywhere about what’s going on
Opening: Books and stories, instead of facebook
Giggling: I’m not giggling much at the moment
Feeling: So much weight sitting heavily in my gut
Snacking: On everything. Specifically gluten free, dairy free choc mint biscuits
Helping: My daughter learn
Hearing: Tara Brach meditations

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