Do you faff or do the work?

Do you faff or do the work?

“One reason so few of us achieve what we truly want is that we never direct our focus; we never concentrate our power. Most people dabble their way through life, never deciding to master anything in particular.”

– Tony Robbins

The inability to focus on and master something, is this a product of the society we live in? Do you find you do that too? You faff around, instead of doing the work? Not just the work, but any work? Are you filling your days with mindless fluff? An unfulfilling day job, computer games, television, movies all make for great distractions. 

I find it’s so easy to get lost in the busyness of the days, weeks, and years that another year passed and you haven’t carved out small regular time slots to do the work – that matters to you. For me, that work is photography. I’m not setting my days up to achieve what I want to achieve. That’s my goal for the next month, to set up my life to support the work I want to do.

I need goals

My task list for the next month:

  1. Finish my photography website because I need somewhere to show off my best work
  2. Increase my Instagram post count because I have a lot of work that I love and want to show
  3. I think that’s enough for one month 🙂

Hold me to them damn tight. I’m a big procrastinator. And we all know what Mel Robbins things procrastination is don’t we? If you don’t, watch this video – if you’re a procrastinator or know one it’s a total life changer.

How am I going to change things?

Watching less TV. TV is a real FOMO issue for me, hubby will be watching something and I’ll want to watch too and get a knot in my stomach that I’m missing something. To counteract, I’m sitting in a different room and making time for writing and creating after Miss 4 goes to bed, while he watches youtube videos that don’t interest me at all.

I find that when I’m journalling regularly, I’m more accountable for my goals, more conscious of my thoughts and it increases my headspace for creativity. Yesterday I wrote about getting up early because I so much enjoy my morning time alone, meditating and watching the sun rise. This morning I woke at 5.30 and did exactly that. Something that I haven’t done for over a month now, not since post christmas reality has set back in.

EFT Tapping for energy, focus and stress reduction. It sounds like the biggest load of crap, but I swear it helps me.

Eating better and less sugar, I’ve boarded the sugar addiction train again, and it’s a tough one to jump off.

Over to you

Do you know what your dreams are? What challenges do you face in pursuing and mastering them? What ways are you chasing you dreams?

PS make sure to check out the links in this post, I’ve linked to some of my favourite talks/blogs/videos of the past month.

  • Lewis Howes with Nick Ortner talking about tapping
  • Mel Robbins video on procrastination being a response to stress
  • Seth Godin – well Seths just a really smart dude that writes down his thoughts. All his posts are great.