What the fuck humanity? 2017 has sucked

What the fuck humanity? 2017 has sucked

It’s been a while since I’ve stopped by here, because, well … life. 2017 has been a challenging one. With the balancing and the struggles, well it’s just been hard. D has mentioned a couple of times this past week that I’m being Mrs Negative, and you know, I was a little surprised, but when I thought about it not really surprised.

I’ve had a string of interactions this year that have left me going ‘what the fuck humanity?’ The more that happened, the more time I spent trying to just stay calm and my shit together, through daily meditation, tapping and visualisations. I lost my focus on staying positive. And we all know, that what you focus on is what you get. So the shit just kept coming. But that is all set to change. I’m refocusing on calm AND positivity. Looking for the great things, the kind things, the inspiring things to feed my soul.

Things I’m NOT going to do in 2018 …

  • Watch the news. Why is it all bad? Greed, death, violence and destruction.
  • Spend much time on twitter. Oh gosh, the problems in the world shared on twitter make me so sad and I can’t do anything about any of them.
  • Dwell on the things I can’t change. People. This one directly refers to people. Business life is hard, people seem to be getting so cranky, All. The. Time. And I need to remember to focus on who I am and not absorb their shit. Their shit is NOT MY SHIT. #Empathlife
  • Watch so much damn TV. I get to the end of the day and I’m so tired and want let my brain go to mush. But then I start watching a TV series, get sucked in and BAM! I’ve lost 3 weeks of my life. Save me.

Things I am going to do in 2018 …

  • Work my ass off. Combine this one with the next one and I’ve not done nearly what I’d hoped to this year.
  • Fight to keep my energy levels up. It’s been shit for a couple of years. But this is my year, it’s coming together now.
  • More photoshoots. I want to build my portfolio up, and create a stellar showcase of my work.
  • Learn more photography skills. I want to learn ALL THE THINGS 😀
  • Practice all aspects of photography. You can never practice too much, right?
  • Read more. I’ve read quite a few personal development books this year, but I think if I cut the TV down, I can read more.
  • Write more. I love writing and find it feeds my soul. I’ve definitely missed it this year. From a simple journal, to writing for blogs and clients.
  • Practice gratitude. Maybe that’s where the positivity slipped, because my gratitude practice slipped
  • Learn new skills. I’ve had a bass guitar for years that I started learning before hurting my thumb, I haven’t picked it up since. And I loved sewing, which I stopped because I had a toddler and now that she’s grown I’m going to start sewing again.

Celebrating 2017

It wasn’t all bad. I just focused on the wrong things. So, now it’s time to celebrate my achievements for the year.

  • I photographed 1 portrait shoot, 45 wineries, 2 lots of wine bottles, groovin the moo music festival, headshots, 3 product and lifestyle shoots, 1 small music party and 1 real estate shoot.
  • Sold our house
  • Bought and moved into our new house
  • Started reading more to my daughter

What sort  of year has 2017 been for you? Do you need a kick in the butt for 2018. Share your achievements for 2017 or your goals for 2018 in the comments.