Fear vs self hate or ‘you won’t really die if you put yourself out there’

Fear. Actual ‘I’m about to die’ fear is not what we deal with everyday. It’s not what stops us from trying something new, putting a creation out into the world or putting ourselves out there. It is in instead, self hate. Our brain takes over and tells us all sorts of stories.

It may feel like fear. Your heart is pounding and you’re sweating like you’re really a river instead of a person. But it’s not. It’s all an illusion. It’s self hate telling you lies. Once you understand that there is no reason why you can’t do what it is you want to. That when you rationally think about it, you’re not going to get eaten by the next beast up in the food chain. Once you realise it’s just your brain being an asshole, then and only then can you achieve great things.

Stop hating on yourself for an hour and watch this video by Sue Bryce, photography Goddess and inspiration to many across the world.

PS It’s not just for photographers. Sue’s message applies to many women I know and perhaps even many men.

PPS You’re welcome 😉