Go on, say ‘fuck it’ and have a damn go

Go on, say ‘fuck it’ and have a damn go

I have a confession. For so long, ever since I can remember, when asked to try something new, ‘nah’ was my default answer, followed by ‘I don’t think so’, or ‘not today’, or ‘perhaps another time when … ‘. It became my story. No new things. Ever.

At school, I failed woodwork because I was scared to try. I didn’t start my photography business when I was younger because “I’ll never be good enough”.

I didn’t play Wii U games with my daughter, well I’m not even sure why. I’ve missed out on trying so much because┬átrying might …

  • be hard
  • end in failure
  • make me look silly

I’ve lived my life for so long thinking that

  • other people are watching
  • they know what’s best for you
  • they might laugh
  • they might talk about you

They’re not, they don’t, and they might for five minutes then move on to something else (3 and 4). And, if they judge you for having a go, they’re a dick that doesn’t deserve your time.

Yep, it might hard. But you know what? It gets easier the more you do it. Each time you take a breath, stop over thinking it, and remind yourself that it could be fun, you’ll become more confident. With each try, it becomes easier, and easier still, the time after that. Confidence is a muscle and you need to exercise it.

They might be watching, they might talk but Who. Gives. A. Fuck? Do you think you’re going to live your happiest life when you’re worried about what others are thinking? If you’re not sure, the answers no. A big fat NO. Or, will you say fuck it and have a go? Just try it, the thing, whatever it is, you never know, you might even enjoy it. In fact, I’m pretty sure you will.

Take a moment, trust yourself, say fuck it and have a damn go. You can do it, I’ve got you. More importantly, you’ve got you.

What shit do you say no to, even though you’d really like to have a go? Share in the comments.

Insta: show me what you’re having a go doing with the hashtag #isaidfuckitandhadago, or DM me for a reply.

PS Some of the stuff I do now that I used to say no to

  • learning how to chainsaw and chop down trees
  • learning how to make electronic music
  • photographing people
  • playing games and exploring with my daughter
  • playing Pokemon Go
  • new types of work projects

PPS I lost this post in the process of writing it. It was completed, I was mega chuffed with it, and was ready to hit publish when the gremlins ate it. Fucking gremlins. I cried, I chucked a tanty, I had cuddles. Then I sat down to rewrite it. I loved the first version. I kinda like this one, but not as much.

The lesson – with this post in particular, all I could do was sit my butt back down and rewrite it as best I could. That’s what it’s about. Whether you’re afraid to try, or too angry to have another go. Say fuck it and do it anyway.

Sometimes doing is pain, whether it’s the stupidity of losing some writing and redoing it, tears of frustration that creativy isn’t coming, or that you’ve checked out and are too scared to have a go. You deserve to be happy, so take a breathe and just have a fucking go.

Tears and tanty’s aside, I hope you get something out of it.

Ky xox

Photo credit: by me, of me, because I said fuck it and had a go.