Life is short, 9 simple tips to change your outlook

Life is short, 9 simple tips to change your outlook

So much stress. So much busy. Here’s nine ways to change your life to enjoy the fuck out of it. Or at least make it suck a whole lot less. They’re not big, and they’re not time consuming. But they can help you deal with the bullshit chucked at you each day. They work for me, and they could work for you too. Try ’em, and see how you go. (I’d love to hear, so hit me up in the comments).

1. Say “thank you”

Oooh this one is hard! But you can do it, just say “thank you”. No but this, or but that. Just suck it up, smile and say thanks. Why? Because you really do deserve it. 

2. Be kind to yourself

Does your thinking go something like this? I’m a crap mum, I work too much/not enough, I spend too much time on Facebook (or awesome blogs like this one), I yell, blah blah blah – the guilt is killing us. Quit it. You are awesome and you don’t deserve it the mean shit you say to yourself. When you’re being a dick to yourself repeat the mantra “I am kind to myself.” Got it? It’s easy, “I am kind to myself.”

3. Start the day with visualisation

Sounds airy fairy, but it’s amazing – I promise. Visualise your long term goals, being there with your goal already achieved. Visualise the small things in your day whatever they may be; meetings, presentations, focusing at work, being patient with the kids. See and feel the confidence you would like to feel in those moments. See it all happening in advance. What you focus on is what you get more of.

4. Choose to see each moment as beautiful

This might be a shocker, but you DO have a choice. It’s true, I swear. In each moment of frustration throughout the day you have a choice on how you want to feel. The choice is yours. You can make it beautiful or choose to suffer in the frustration or anger. From Tony Robbins – one very smart dude.

5. Only love today

This is a mantra I picked up on peaceful parenting blogs. It applies to more than your kids. I find that approaching each challenging moment thinking and offering only love, it grounds you with what’s important. If you’re confused, it’s PEOPLE. Not the floor or the car or whatever the bullshit going on your head is. It’s the people. Offer some kindness and compassion and stop being a dick. From Rachel Macy Stafford.

6. Offer kindness where ever you can

The only way to make the world better is by offering kindness. It’s not weakness to be kind. Start with offering a smile to strangers you pass by, a hello, or kind words. Small kindnesses beget bigger kindnesses. How much better do you feel when someone smiles at you?

7. Replace complaining with appreciation and gratitude.

Stop the complaining. Just quit it. It doesn’t achieve anything and it doesn’t solve the problem, and honestly your friends and family are probably sick to shit of it. One thing I learned is that what you focus on, is what you get more of. Focus on the negative and that’s what you get more on. But if you focus on the positive, that’s what you get more of. Which do you want more of?

8. Know what you want.

Determining what you want provides you with priorities. Allowing you to say yes and no to those activities that do and don’t serve your goals. Maybe this one should be at the start because  we can kind of get lost in how busy life is with family and work, and general daily stuff. Spend 10 minutes thinking about what you really want from your life, and how can you get it?

9. Sing. Dance. Laugh. Enjoy.

Speaks for itself. No one is watching you. Even if they are, who gives a fuck? They might even enjoy the show.

What changes have you made in your life to make it brilliant?