A ‘moment’ captured

A ‘moment’ captured

Olympus OMD EM10

This sexy little guy arrived by courier last week. (Is it sad that I find cameras sexy?) He’s an Olympus OMD EM10 I’ve affectionately nicknamed Olly. I was introduced to Olly about a month ago when I saw an Instagram competition on one of my favourite blogs (you can check it out here Fat Mum Slim).

The theme of the competition was to capture an every day moment. As soon as I saw it I knew that I had to enter but I thought surely my moments are too ordinary.

I grabbed my iPhone and headed into my little ones room. She’s the most interesting part of my day so why not I thought? I could do the usual sleeping baby picture but I thought everyone does that, and I’ve done that to death already. What is it about my little one that makes her interesting? Well theres a whole list of things but I’ll save that for another post.

She always sleeps on her right side, quite often with her feet poking out between the bars of her cot. The cuteness just consumes me so I snapped 2 shots of the tiny foot poking out (this is very restrained for me, it’s usually 20 shots that all look the same but I didn’t want to wake her).

I opened the photo in Snapseed, cropped to square, adjusted some levels and the brightness and added a bit of blur around the outside of her foot.

I tagged my little picture and uploaded it to Instagram and forgot about it. Then one night I was having a look on Instagram, to my surprise there was a like on this photo by @fatmumslim.

Oh thats right, I entered a competition. I jumped on over to Fat Mum Slims blog to see if the winner had been announced. No winners post yet. I hit refresh for a while but Miss P needed my attention for mama things so I wandered off.

After settling Miss P I lumped myself on the couch again. Refresh. “And the winner is …” the blog post was up. I read every word and looked at every picture before scrolling down to see the winner (I totally hate spoilers).

Oh my god! No way! Thats my picture!!!!

Disbelief, excitement, happy tears, bouncing with some squeeing thrown in to round it out. No shouts of excitement, because that would wake the baby.

There were many beautiful images among the finalists and all were very special moments.

Thanks to Fat Mum Slim for running the contest (and picking my ‘moment’) and thanks to Olympus for the awesome prize.

Last week Olly and I met for the first time. Read my next post to see how the meeting went.