It’s not about waiting for your mojo, just start creating

It’s not about waiting for your mojo, just start creating

Days are filled with the busy life. Raising kids, working the day job to pay the bills and the general “I’m so tired, I can’t drag my arse off the couch.” I’m tired of that so I’m making some changes.

I’m starting to brainstorm projects. I’m figuring out when I can shoot and getting off my butt to start making and documenting. I don’t want to be another TV drone that sits on the couch and watches what other people have made. I do love watching though, so I won’t give it up completely 😉

Yesterday I got off my butt, practiced and made something. I’d been in the worst grumps all day. I’d eaten something that gave me bad anxiety and irritability. So I decided that I’d do my makeup, get out the Olympus OMD-EM10. Which has a nifty remote control app (it lets you see the image, control the settings and take the shot from your phone.) And just practice.

At the end of the shoot, I got my little girl in with me and we did some shots together. I’ll print some out for her photo album.

After taking the shots, I sat down and edited a few. I need to practice retouching with the tablet I’ve just gotten. Hubby picked out one, that I never would have picked and after editing, I really love it.

Settings are Olympus OMD EM10 1/80 f/4.0 ISO 5000 19mm