Practice, practice, practice

Practice, practice, practice

Practice, practice, practice. The mantra of anyone wanting to be great at something. Now to schedule in time to do more of it.

A few more things arrived this week

I got in a few last minute orders before the end of tax year and they’ve just arrived. I got a 64gb Sandisk Extreme Pro Compact Flash card from the US, two Yongnuo YN685 speedlights and a YN622C trigger, and the book Studio Anywhere by Nick Fancher. I’m really looking forward to spending some learning how to use OCF and reading Studio Anywhere. I love the idea of being able to make an awesome shot work anywhere.


Learning this week

Last week I signed up for Sue Bryces education site. She offers her full business model, from her shooting and retouching techniques, how to build and run a business and how to overcome the obstacles in your mind to help you succeed.

After watching her talk on fear a few months ago, I’ve been quite enamoured with her generous and motivational style. Not to mention her work is stunning.

So far I’ve watched the diy hair and makeup you can use in your portfolio building phase. This is one area that I’ve really been worrying over. I have a strong desire to take beautiful shots of women and for this they need makeup and hair done, about which I’ve been quite clueless. I can do my own well enough to look ok, but the idea of putting make up on someone else or doing their hair freaked me right out. After watching Sue’s videos I’m feeling far more confident. She’s also provided tips for building your makeup and hair kit to take the worry of that away.

I’ve started watching the videos on money, where you’re at and how to build your wealth. It’s the reality checks and confidence boost that I like with these.

What I’ve been shooting

I’ve taken a few shots of myself this week. My flashes arrived and I wanted to test bouncing light off the wall and reflecting it back into myself – like a huge softbox. I want a really soft natural light. Ignore the soft focus on this photo of me, it hit beside my eye and the aperture was too wide, but I really like the lighting.


What I’m shooting this week

Later on today I’m going to practice doing my makeup and then set up the bounced flash lighting and play with it. My challenges are finding something to create a nice background, something that can hold up a sheet or some fabric. This will also practice some of the posing that I’ve watched in Sue’s videos. I haven’t watched many of these yet, so I’ll hopefully keep improving.

I’d like to do an outdoor family shoot if we get some good weather, so I’ll be trying to organise that for next weekend.

Another shoot I’d like to do is my Grandpa. I haven’t seen him much over the last few years but I’d like to spend some time shooting him. I didn’t get to shoot my Nan before she passed away and I’d really like the shots to remember him by. I’m not sure when I’ll get it organised by I’ll fill you in.

Happy shooting this week

Ky x