On getting enough sleep

The importance of sleep becomes so apparent after a night of not getting enough. 

Last night, I worked late on the computer and the effect of the screen light kept me awake for another hour. The next morning, at far-too-early-o’clock I startled awake.

And I have this thing, that if I wake up after 4.30 it takes me two hours to go back to sleep – and most of the time it’s just not worth going back to sleep (getting up, getting ready for school/work, all the things).

I’m one of those people that if woken in the middle of a sleep cycle – angry/groggy Ky – all day.

So a day with 6.5 hours sleep. I know that’s probably fine for some of you, me, not so much. 

Anyway, I found myself more than just sleepy through the day. I was micro sleeping while working. And I have a standing desk, so go figure that one. My ability to focus was rubbish, and working on the weekend sucks already, without it taking much longer because you can’t focus. 

Missing sleep is no joke you guys, stuff takes longer, it’s hard on your body and you’re just not as productive or creative with out it. 

I’m not a doctor, but don’t short yourselves on sleep. It’s not worth it. 

Google why sleep is important.