Taking Stock 15 – January 2021

Taking Stock 15 – January 2021

Christmas and New Years is now done for another year. I know many hoped for a happier start to 2021 as we get used to the new “normal”, a phrase that’s grating on my nerves. We’re fortunate where we are, to have had a relatively ‘normal’ Christmas – there were limits on numbers, but the cap didn’t affect our celebration.

I feel for those of you who couldn’t be with your loved ones over the holiday season, and I’m sending big love to you all.

A few months ago I decided to paint. I’ve wanted to for a long time, but there were things deep inside that stopped me. I’m not going to be good. I don’t want to waste paper and materials. This last year has given me insight about the things that matter, and one of them is just doing and letting that be enough.

No pressure, no stress. Just the doing. The act is the purpose. Creating a painting or a drawing is the purpose. Quality is not a part of the discussion in my mind any longer.

All the best to you and your version of ‘creating’, whatever that may be.

So here is my taking stock for 7 January 2021.

Making: Bad Art
Cooking: Miso with zoodles
Drinking: Hot water, vinegar and honey
Reading: The highly sensitive child
Wanting: Peace and equity for all the worlds children
Looking: Through photo books
Playing: Mario Kart 8
Deciding: Colour schemes
Wishing: For time away
Enjoying: Painting
Waiting: For paint to dry
Liking: Turquoise
Wondering: Where we should travel to
Loving: The design matters podcast
Pondering: The unkindness and selfishness in the world
Considering: How to get a van faster
Buying: Paint and canvas
Watching: Supernatural – I”m up to season 13
Hoping: For peace
Marvelling: At Rain drops on gum leaves
Cringing: At greed
Needing: My family
Questioning: Why people make the decisions they do
Smelling: Damp eucalyptus
Wearing: Stretchy clothes
Following: Artists on instagram, my favourites Scarlet Page | Frank Forsman | Sarah Peguero
Noticing: The breeze on balmy summer nights
Knowing: That I don’t know much really
Thinking: How I can make more money while working less, I’m enjoying painting and having out with Miss 7 too much to work
Admiring: Lissa Rankins balanced view of what’s happening in the world right now
Sorting: Nothing really, although I would like the house if it was already sorted
Getting: Ready for a warm spell coming in a few days
Bookmarking: Travel destinations
Coveting: Others paintings and photography
Disliking: Lack of ability to think critically
Opening: New acrylic colours
Giggling: At Dana Simpson books about Pheobe and Marigold
Feeling: A lot of sleepy
Snacking: Coffee and cacao with coconut cream
Helping: My mental health by spending time resting, painting, walking
Hearing: Four Lions album Hard Days

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